Reading Room Minutes – 12th December 2017

Reading Room

Minutes of the Meeting

12th Dec. 2017.

Apologies of absence:

Mike Phillipson, Jonnie Handley, Kylie Ford, Stuart Ayers, Gill Carrs, Gerry Hannan.

Persons present:

Chris Green, Hilly Dobson, Cathy Ayers.

(There was not enough Members present to make a Quorum, but it was decided to press on with the meeting as Christmas was looming and the potential of a Panto in the New Year to organise! Cathy Ayers was taking the place of Stuart Ayers who could not attend the meeting).

Matters Arising:

Shed roof has to be repaired and it was decided that slates should be considered as opposed to corrugated metal sheeting, as this shed backs onto John’s property. Hilly to ask John to obtain a quote for stone tiles.

Books in the car park: – There was a worry that these books would become mouldy and therefore unusable/ unsaleable. Cathy said that as she and Stuart were responsible for bringing them in and that she would see if the local Hospice would take them and to ask Trevor if she could use his van for the transport.

Chris said that an ordinary car could easily transport them even if it meant a couple of trips. ASAP.

Signs on the A684:

Chris said that he would make this his Spring project. Hilly to ask Kevin if he has wood off-cuts for new signs from Kevin Lockman but Chris said that the size of the signs would be too big for an ‘off-cut’ to be used. Then a discussion took place if the old signs could be re-used. Matter was left pending regarding the wood but the project would go ahead in the Spring.

Printing Ink:

It was suggested at the last meeting that every Committee Member would be given a Password so that it can be established who is using the printer’s ink. Hilly said that Mike had ordered new printing ink – Hilly to follow up.

Monday keep fit to install a TV:

It was established that Betty Robinson would provide a large flat screen TV free of charge and again it was suggested that Mike may be able to help install the TV regarding the electrical side of matters. Hilly said that Keep Fit would be from 1.30pm to 3.30pm on a Monday after the Art class as the room would be warm then.

Storage under the stairs:

It was suggested that there was a lot of items stored under the stairs that needed clearing out and a fresh start looked at storage with hooks and extra shelving that would hold the plastic boxes currently stood on the floor.

Following the removal of unwanted items it could only then be decided what sort of shelving should be used.

Treasurer’s report:

Hilly informed us that the Murder Mystery evening raised £352. (£270 on ticket sales and the rest was made on the sale of food). Raffle and food costs were £97.99.

Murder Mystery Night:

The Murder Mystery evening was an excellent event which prompted the idea that this could be an annual event around November time.

Thanks was given to everyone who worked on the evening to make it such a success.

Future Events:

Following on from the last meeting a Panto with the theme on ‘Ello Ello’ was to be proposed in February. Hilly said that her and George would be visiting other Panto’s and also visiting the Opera to gain ideas on how best to proceed. (He’s behind you !).

It was also suggested that there could be a New Year’s Eve party in the village hall. This was left open for further discussion.

Security of the Reading Room:

Chris stated that the security of the Reading Room needed revising regarding procedures.

A list of the current keyholders should be made and a timetable of events in the future would assist. Further discussion on this point will be made.

Any other Business:

a) Cathy said that Mr and Mrs Wyville would like to borrow the crockery and cutlery for the Hall for entertaining over the Christmas period. For 40 persons. Cathy said that she would facilitate this to happen.

Date of next meeting:

7.30pm Tuesday 9th January 2018.

Murder Mystery Night

Click photos to view album

On Saturday 25th December late at night Monsieur Jacques Frost (helicopter pilot) and his accomplice Mademoiselle Sophia Salopette (Sculptress) were arrested for the murder of Monsieur Richard Pickles the well known businessman and entrepreneur.

In solving this crime i would like to thank:

Ava Lanche (Gill)
Walter Emmental (Peter)
Claus Von Langlauf (Chris)
Matt A Horn (Gerry)
Tracy Crevasse (Moy)
Onna Toboggan (Hilly)

And of course Jacques Frost (Alistair) and Sophina Salopette (Moya) I hope the blemish on their characters and reputations are soon forgotten.

Thanks also go to the chalet girls (Val, Mal, Moy, Gill, Hilly) for the catering and service of such a superb menu.

The Art Group Jean Knight and Margaret Topliss are also thanked for their artistry which helped to set the scene.

A final and enormous thank you goes to Hilly Dobson for without her drive and enthusiasm the evening would not have taken place.

All round it was another great night in the Reading Room.

George Tomlin


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