Beech Tree War Memorial

Beech Tree in Question

Some of you may be aware that the large beech tree on the green near to the swings is to be felled. It is diseased and potentially dangerous. Instead of reducing it to a stump we are having it carved to create a war memorial bringing together those who made the greatest sacrifice from Hauxwell, Constable Burton and Finghall onto one memorial. A tree/wood carver has been consulted as to the feasibility of the proposal and he has confirmed that the tree is ideal for carving.

Below is a draft copy of a plaque that will be attached at eye level to the memorial. It shows all of the names to be engraved on the plaque.

Funding is being sort and the costs of this project are approximately:

  1. Felling of the tree to about 20′ – Is being met by Mr Charles Wyvill.
  2. Carving – £1,500.
  3. Brass plaque – £200.

Within our community there will be people who may:

  1. Have ideas for the design of the memorial. It is currently thought that the design should be simple with clean lines and reflect peace and hope. Your ideas my be submitted as a sketch or as a written description.
  2. Have ideas for the design and size of the plaque. As above.
  3. Wish to contribute to the cost of the project.
  4. Have background knowledge about those being remembered.
  5. Know of someone who should be remembered who currently is not.
  6. Point of contact is George Tomlin at his email address


9 thoughts on “Beech Tree War Memorial

  1. Mr Chris Green

    I would like to see the top half of the felled Beech tree to be carved into the form of an Owl. This would reflect a soft image for the village green and reflect the Owls that live immediately in the trees here and of whom I hear most mornings. I live opposite the Village Green.
    The Owl image would also take into consideration the swings and play area immediately adjacent to the tree.
    The bottom half of the Beech tree could be used for the suggested War Memorial.
    I look out of my house onto the village green and so what is intended to be carved into this tree should will have some significance to myself and other neighbours, as well as the village as a whole.

  2. Jenni shaw

    I’m not sure how we got from having the stump carved to a war memorial, not that I’m against the idea but it would have been nice to have been asked for an opinion. Surely the community should be consulted ?

    1. Emma Mills

      I totally agree with keeping it on the natural and nature theme. I feel like a classic clean lined war memorial wouldn’t suit the setting at all. It’s on a beautiful natural village green right next to all those trees, the river and all the natural inhabitants.

      How about the owl as Chris mentioned as I think this is a lovely idea. Then poppies all round the bottom mixed with corn and grasses and then maybe a hare and a stag fitting in around the natural shape of the tree. The poppies represet remembereance and the animals calmness and nature and then the owl is wise and looking down on us all much like our fallen men?

      Happy to draw up some sketches for ideas if required?

      Definitely not keen on anything too typically military or simplistic though as I just don’t feel like it will be sympathetic to the village and its setting.

    2. George Tomlin

      Apologies Jenni I did not realise people had not been consulted. I hope you can attend the meeting next Friday.

  3. Steve Shaw

    Can I ask, at what stage the carving of the tree stump moved from being a good but fluid concept that was up for broad discussion, to a foregone conclusion that it should become a war memorial?
    Whilst it is indeed a laudable and noble proposition to create a memorial in memory of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, (especially as we don’t have one). The original thought was that we should invite a chainsaw carver to suggest what could be achieved using the natural form of the tree stump. None of this has been discussed by the village committee never mind the wider community.
    In reality I have no particular objection to the proposal of the memorial, just the imposition of the overarching decision.
    My original thought was to create something along the lines of the one in Carlton Minniott, but possibly with various wildlife such as Owl, Pheasant, possibly a Hare, so not too far from Chris’ idea, but certainly something that should be discussed and possibly voted on.

  4. Mr Chris Green

    Hello George,
    I have had second thoughts on my previous reply to you about the tree stump on the village green, even before having read the replies from others.
    Whilst I have the fullest of respect for those ‘fallen’ I do wonder if a war memorial immediately adjacent to a children’s play area is a suitable venue for such a memorial !
    The design and carving of the tree is unknown, and I would not wish it to bring down the beauty of the natural ambiance of the village green. To this end I would like to see the tree being cut down completely to a stump of around 1m which could be used to create a table or a seat or just left as a stump bringing back nature to the green.

  5. Chris Green

    Hello George & Hilly,
    I have been informed by a resident in the village that there is to be a meeting this Thursday 18th July 2918 regarding the outcome of what happens to this tree stump on the Village Green. I do not know what time!
    Is this the case please, and if so what time, and where ?
    If this is not the case, is there to be a meeting at some time regarding this project of what happens to this tree stump where the villagers can have their opinions heard please ?
    I do think that the villagers should have their comments heard before any decision is made regarding the future of this tree stump that will be here for many years to come !
    Kind regards


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