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Reading Room Minutes – 14th June 2018

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes

Thursday 14th June 2018 – 6.30pm

Present: Committee Members: Kylie, Hilly, Jennie and Gillian

Guest: Cathy

Apologies: Mike, Stewart and Gerry

Minutes of Village Meeting 24th April reviewed:

– Lighted sign for speeding traffic: unfortunately this is not feasible due to high cost. Hilly is to speak with Councillor Tony Duff to see if any funds could be made available.

– Top prune of cherry tree in Donald Smith Court: Richmond District Council has cut the grass in the court and an inspection of the cherry tree was made. They said that the tree was in good condition and shape and that no pruning was required – they will however keep an eye on it when maintaining the grass in the area.

– Gravel on Station Road: this has now been removed.

– Pot holes in Mill Lane: the Council have identified and circled the holes for repair, so hopefully this will happen soon.

– Drains: all have been checked and cleared.

Treasurers Report:

Jenni distributed an Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 28th February 2018, many thanks to Jenni for this work. It was noted that there are three outstanding invoices to be paid for repairs etc totalling £278.16 which Jenni has in hand.

Jenni also confirmed that she had received a letter dated 27th April from the North Yorkshire Air Ambulance thanking us for our donation of £250.00.

A further letter was received from Barclays Bank re changes to accepting cash payments into business accounts. Gillian to contact Barclays.

Future Events:

It was decided to hold the Village Summer Fair on Sunday 19th, mainly due to key helpers not being available the following Sunday. A Steering Group Meeting for the Fair is to be held on Thursday 19th July at 6.30 to discuss.

Sunday afternoon tea to be held on 8th July 2pm – 5pm.

AOB: The repair to the shed roof still has not been done. Due to his job workload Gavin is unable to assist in the repair. It was left that Hilly would speak with John Edington (who has all the required materials for the job) and ask that he be in touch with Tim Moss direct to arrange a time convenient to both for the repair to be done.

Date of next Committee Meeting Thursday 13th September at 6.30

Summer Fair Steering Group Meeting Thursday 19th July 6.30

Meeting closed at 7.30pm

TDY 2018 – Constable Burton

Photo Album

Img: Gullwing Photography,

Additional Photography

Stuart Tilley

More photo’s, from thexcellentGullwingPhotography ( taken at the start in Richmond) can be seen here. RichmondshireToday


ITV’s coverage went to a ‘Add Break’ once Stage 3 of the TDY departed Layburn, and (sadly) didn’t resume until it reached Akebar – so Constable Burton  didn’t feature ( apart from a brief aerial shot of the Hall ) – so here’s the best we have so far ( thank you Sheila Phillipson )



For those wanting more, here’s a summary of the Stage 3 action:


Minutes – Village meeting Constable Burton, 24th April 2018


Meeting started at 6:30pm

Welcome. Village committee

Present Councillors Keith Loadman ,Councillor Hilda Dobson
Village Residents Stewart Ayers Cathy Ayers .

Apologies, Gillian Carss.

Minutes of previous meeting, Read and Approved.

Matters Arising

[Question: Jonny Handley] Could a lighted sign be put in village to give heightened awareness of speeding traffic ? to slow the traffic down,Children playing etc.

[Question: Cathy Ayers] Can the RDC please Top prune the one remaining cherry tree – In Donald Smith Court also check it has a split trunk.

Gravel removed on Station Rd

Cathy Ayers to ask Darcy Wyvill again to look at the sycamore tree branches 10/8″ long in front of number 4 Mill Lane. Fragile.

[Question: Stewart Ayers] Can the R D C put Constable Burton on the list for repairs to the High Roadway. MillLane has 20-30 holes which have been created by having been washed away during extreme weather conditions .

Yorkshire water need to be contacted to clear a blocked Drain adjacent the Smithy – It needs Blasting to allow the silt to wash away. Result of extreme weather conditions.

Thank you from the chair Keith Loadman.

Meeting closed at 7.15 pm

Tour de Yorkshire – Food and Parking

There’s now a brand new Page on our web site – advertising the effort the village is making to support the “Tour de Yorkshire” on May 5th.

It’s going to be a HUGE event – It’s estimated that around 2 million people will be spread out along the route on the day [ thats roughly the population of Greater Manchester or the whole of the Leeds/Bradford conurbation!! ]Spectacle

We’re organising PARKING and some GREAT FOOD for our visitors – and its sure to be a memorable day!!

Take a look here to see details:

If you want to know more about this years Tour de Yorkshire, here are some other links: