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Minutes – Village meeting Constable Burton, 24th April 2018


Meeting started at 6:30pm

Welcome. Village committee

Present Councillors Keith Loadman ,Councillor Hilda Dobson
Village Residents Stewart Ayers Cathy Ayers .

Apologies, Gillian Carss.

Minutes of previous meeting, Read and Approved.

Matters Arising

[Question: Jonny Handley] Could a lighted sign be put in village to give heightened awareness of speeding traffic ? to slow the traffic down,Children playing etc.

[Question: Cathy Ayers] Can the RDC please Top prune the one remaining cherry tree – In Donald Smith Court also check it has a split trunk.

Gravel removed on Station Rd

Cathy Ayers to ask Darcy Wyvill again to look at the sycamore tree branches 10/8″ long in front of number 4 Mill Lane. Fragile.

[Question: Stewart Ayers] Can the R D C put Constable Burton on the list for repairs to the High Roadway. MillLane has 20-30 holes which have been created by having been washed away during extreme weather conditions .

Yorkshire water need to be contacted to clear a blocked Drain adjacent the Smithy – It needs Blasting to allow the silt to wash away. Result of extreme weather conditions.

Thank you from the chair Keith Loadman.

Meeting closed at 7.15 pm

Tour de Yorkshire – Tasks and Helpers

In support of the TDY (Sat 5th May) there are tasks that need to be carried out both prior to the day and on the day itself. George has produced 2 tables detailing these tasks and the names of volunteers. If you are no longer available or if you wish to volunteer to help please contact Hilly.

Click on the links below to download copies of the documents:


TDY Prep Work


Tour de Yorkshire – minutes of steering group meeting, Wednesday 11th April 2018




Present: George, Rebecca, Tony, Hilly, Gillian and Cathy

Working through the items on the Agenda provided by George:

Matters Arising

a) Activities taking place in the village on 5th May including details of the Tulip Festival have been sent to Richmondshire District Council.

b) Grant for bunting. Hilly has visited Richmond Council offices. Receipts totalling £42.97 were given to Abi Player and we are to be reimbursed for this amount.

c) Loan of red tent. Tony has very kindly agreed to the loan of his red tent, it will arrive on Thursday 3rd May, time TBC.

d) Publicity. Gillian is to organise placing an advert in the Darlington & Stockton for both events. Posters have been distributed by Hilly to local shops. We now have flyers for the Tulip Festival which will be handed out to visitors on the day. Signs and bicycles are being painted.

e) It was confirmed that the race will reach Constable Burton on the 5th May at approximately 13.40hrs.

Purpose of the Meeting

To coordinate the activities agreed upon at the last meeting to include dates, timings, names for tasks and purchases to be made.

a) BBQ – to be lit at 8.30am. Mark Porter and Michael Dobson are chefs for the day supported by Ben and Rhys (Julie’s sons). Food will be burgers, sausages, onions and rolls priced at £2.50. Hilly is to purchase these on Friday 4th. Sauces and napkins also needed. Gavin is to source fire lighters and charcoal, these also would be needed by Friday 4th. BBQ needs to be cleaned.

b) Drinks – tea, coffee and soft drinks will be served on tables outside reading room door, this will be set up at 8.30am. Hot drinks will be £1.50, cold drinks 50p. Helpers available will be Josie, Moira, Julie, Margaret, Jean and Rebecca.

c) Car Park – will be opened at 8.30am and manned by Tony and Rebecca assisted by Rob, Tom, Charlie and Henry (hour on/off duty?). Payment will be collected by person on duty. Car park to be closed off at approx 13.30pm or sooner, judgement to be made on the day. The field is to be sectioned off 7-10 days prior to the day (to fence in sheep).

d) Red Tent – is arriving Thursday 3rd May, helpers to erect are Gerry, Stewart, Hilly, Peter Murphy and hopefully Trevor. Rebecca is to supply two light weight trestle tables on green. Chairs are to be stacked outside the reading room door should anyone need one.

e) Signage and bikes – two signs to be placed where we usually display the tea and coffee mornings. A cardboard bike for the car park is to be placed on road junction at top of green and another at the railway bridge. Painted blue bikes to go out asap. Small yellow signs for the car park have been made and will be put out on Friday 4th. Two more signs advertising BBQ needed?

f) Bunting – to be erected on Friday 29th by Gillian, Hilly and Stewart. The beck will also be cordoned off for health and safety reasons. Two Union Flags to be sourced.

g) First Aid – Tony Knowles is a qualified first aider and will be available. Kylie Ford is also, so we are covered for the day.

Any other business

Rubbish – 4 bins needed – ok we have plenty bins.

Carpet for the field – Hilly and Rebecca to sort on Tuesday 1st May at 4.00pm.

Mike Phillipson is to be asked to act as photographer for the event.

The entire Tour de Yorkshire race will be broadcast live on ITV4 – so set your recorders!

George will not be available from 20th April, so from this date Hilly will be the point of contact. A big thank you to George for all the time he has spent organising and chairing these meetings for us.

Reading Room, Minutes of AGM – March 10th 2018



Committee Members Present: Kylie Ford, Hilda Dobson, Jennie Shaw, Gillian Carss and Gerry Hannah.

Member of public: Cathy Ayers.

Apologies: Stewart Ayers and Mike Phillipson

Minutes of last meeting held 28th March 2017 were accepted as true record. The wildflower area is still being developed by Tom. The defibrillator is still being maintained by Trevor, Dave Jones is the contact if there are any problems. Machine checked last week and battery changed. The idea of putting up posts and chains in the village is not to be followed up.

Chairpersons Report – see attached sheet.

Treasurers Report – still not received despite several requests to Jonny.

Election of Officers: Treasurer – Jennie Shaw

Chair – Kylie Ford

Deputy Chair – Hilda Dobson

Rest of committee happy to remain.

Auditor: Kim Duke

Other Business:

Kylie requested a change of day for future meetings from Tuesdays to Thursdays at 7.00pm, this was agreed by all.

Reading Room hire charges. It was agreed, due to the increase in utilities etc., that there would be an increase in charges as follows:

£20 minimum charge – in the case of a one hour hire.

£10 as a standard hourly rate

£50 for all day rate – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Charitable use and functions would be assessed on an individual basis.

The revised hire forms are located on the notice board inside the reading room.

Cathy provided quotes obtained by Stewart from Tim Moss for the various repairs to the Reading Room.

– Chimney stack repair £51.00

– Toilet leak £111.60

– Floor* £507.70

– Repair shed roof** £244.00

* This figure would be reduced if it is found the joists do not need replacing.

** Kylie said that her husband, Gavin, is willing to do the repair work to the shed. John Edington has said previously he has the required materials and will supply, so hopefully this repair will not incur any costs.

In order to pay for the above we need to restart looking at outside funding as done previously in the past by Anna and Hilly.

The Reading Room is hired out all day 21st July, if the repair has not been done to the floor by then we must ensure a temporary repair is done for that day.

The authorised signatories for the RR bank account with Barclays need to be looked at, these should be Jennie, Kylie and Gillian. At present it was thought to be Cathy, Keith Manning and Stephen Allen.

Future events:

Coffee morning 14th April.

Steering Group Meeting for Tour de Yorkshire – 11th April 2018 at 6.30pm

Next Committee Meeting Thursday 10th May at 7.00pm

Meeting closed 8.50pm


2017 – 2018

Welcome to everybody, as Deputy Chairperson I have compiled this report as a representative of the Chairman.

This year has seen different events in and around the Reading Room.

Our regular users of the room have been the Yoga classes run by Josie keeping the attendants supple! Thanks to Mike for his continued computer support and keeping the website up to date. The Artist group has continued but is always looking for new members please see Margaret Topliss if you would like to join. The room continues to be hired for birthday parties throughout the year and other group events. The hall was used for the General election as a polling station this year also. Our regular coffee mornings and afternoon teas have been popular again this year, thank you to all who have helped run these events and donated cakes.

The Mediterranean evening was a well attended event and a very enjoyable evening, fun was had by all who attended.

The annual Summer Fair, Duck race and Scarecrow trail were a success and a busy day was had by all, the ducks ran well in both races down the beck. The games on the green, BBQ and Pims were enjoyed by all and the afternoon tea in the hall. Thank you to everybody who took park in building scarecrows, the village looked lovely and there were lots of comments about the creativity of the scarecrows. Thank you to all of those who help before, during and after the event to make it such an enjoyable and successful day for all.

The Halloween event this year, which was just for the children, was very well attended and enjoyed by all, ending with a mass “trick or treat” around the village.

Then just before Christmas a Murder Mystery evening was held, this was a great success and was also well attended, with tickets selling out almost immediately! Thank you to Hilly and George for taking the time to organise this evening, hoping to see another one soon.

Unfortunately there was no Easter event this year due to helpers on holiday and working, hopefully the event will continue next year.

Thank you to everybody for your continued support, whether you are on the committee or not, we could not keep going without you all.

Kylie Ford.

Constable Burton Reading Room Tour De Yorkshire Steering Group Minutes – Tuesday 3rd April 2018




Present: George Tomlin, Hilda Dobson, Rebecca Duff, Gillian Carss and Cathy Ayres

Please note that there will be a follow-up coordination meeting in the Reading Room on Wednesday 11th April. Volunteers are invited to attend.

Working through the items on the Agenda provided by George:

Purpose of the Meeting

To discuss the event of the Tour de Yorkshire, which passes through Constable Burton on 5th May, and decide what activities are to take place to make the day both a memorable one for our residents and to help raise funds for the running and upkeep of the village Reading Room.

The race should pass through Constable Burton between 13.30 – 14.00 hours.

Points to be taken into consideration:

i) Road closure – it is thought that the road will be closed for approximately two hours. It was noted that, as in the past, reopening of the road is swiftly dealt with.

ii) Constable Burton Tulip Festival. It was felt that any event held by the village would not have a detrimental impact upon the Festival and could actually compliment it.

iii) Lack of Reading Room resources – all crockery, milk jugs etc along with four green tables will be on loan to the Hall for the Tulip Festival.

iv) Manpower for the day. Unfortunately several key residents will be away on the day. George mentioned that Julie has offered her help which is gratefully accepted. Hilly will be the usual tour de force and is rounding up helpers for the day!

Main Activities

It was decided to keep things as simple as possible with a BBQ of beef burgers and hot dogs only priced at £2.50, along with tea, coffee and soft drinks (prices to be confirmed) to be served on the green. This would not require any crockery as paper napkins to be provided for food and paper cups for refreshments. Hilly is to speak with Tony to ask if we can borrow his red tent for the day.

Car Park

Rebecca confirmed that Mill Field would be available for car parking. The fee will be £10 for the whole day.


Signage: Signs must be put out on the A684 one week prior to the day – Hilly has the signs. George also produced a draft flyer promoting both events which could put in shop windows and village notice boards?

Papers: Gillian to look into advert in Darlington & Stockton for both the BBQ and Tulip Festival, we may be too late for this.

Bunting etc: Hilly has bike from previous event and will have it repainted in the TDY colours of blue and yellow. Hilly also confirmed that we are eligible for a grant from Richmondshire District Council for bunting. George asked if we could also obtain two Union Flags.

Support to the Tulip Festival

George produced a draft flyer promoting the Tulip Festival which he suggested could be handed out to race spectators. Cathy said that the Hall had produced their own handout. Cathy was asked if she could obtain about 50 of these flyers from the Hall so we can hand out to help promote the event.

Note that any adverts including the Tulip Festival require prior approval of the organisers.

Follow up meeting to be held on Wednesday 11th April at 6.30pm.