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Beech Tree War Memorial

Beech Tree in Question

Some of you may be aware that the large beech tree on the green near to the swings is to be felled. It is diseased and potentially dangerous. Instead of reducing it to a stump we are having it carved to create a war memorial bringing together those who made the greatest sacrifice from Hauxwell, Constable Burton and Finghall onto one memorial. A tree/wood carver has been consulted as to the feasibility of the proposal and he has confirmed that the tree is ideal for carving.

Below is a draft copy of a plaque that will be attached at eye level to the memorial. It shows all of the names to be engraved on the plaque.

Funding is being sort and the costs of this project are approximately:

  1. Felling of the tree to about 20′ – Is being met by Mr Charles Wyvill.
  2. Carving – £1,500.
  3. Brass plaque – £200.

Within our community there will be people who may:

  1. Have ideas for the design of the memorial. It is currently thought that the design should be simple with clean lines and reflect peace and hope. Your ideas my be submitted as a sketch or as a written description.
  2. Have ideas for the design and size of the plaque. As above.
  3. Wish to contribute to the cost of the project.
  4. Have background knowledge about those being remembered.
  5. Know of someone who should be remembered who currently is not.
  6. Point of contact is George Tomlin at his email address


Back To Africa – Repeat


By popular request George Tomlin will again present Back To Africa

Thursday 1st August at 7pm. Details are shown on the poster above.

It is emphasised that it is a repeat of the presentation he gave 3 years ago.

Of course if you have seen it before you are more than welcome to see it again.

If you haven’t seen it then you have treat in store!

The evenings takings will be divided equally between the upkeep of the Reading Room and Rhino Revolution UK, a registered UK charity which George supports.


Minutes, Village Meeting – April 25th 2019

Constable Burton Village Meeting Minutes

Thursday 25th April 2019

Present: Councillors Keith Loadman and Hilda Dobson, Kylie Ford, Jenni Shaw, Gillian Carss, Stewart Ayres and Cathy Ayres.

Going through minutes of previous meeting:

– Road signage: this would cost £1,980 and is therefore too expensive.

– Cherry tree: the council say they don’t prune trees and that the tree in its present state is ok but they will monitor it.

– Gravel on Station Road was removed.

– Potholes in Mill Lane: there has been a partial repair with some holes missed. It is anticipated that the ones repaired will not last long.

– Drain near Smithy: this was unblocked promptly.

Matters arising:

– Jenni raised the issue of the street light which is directly outside her property. The light is left on 24 hours is very bright and shines straight into her bedroom window. Could this light be turned off late evening? And could a grit bin, for winter weather, be installed? Possibly on the right hand side of the junction as it gets very icy here causing problems driving out onto the main road. These items will be brought up at the next Parish Meeting.

Update regarding light – a shade was installed on the light (RD6) within 3 days, which was a good result.

– Tree outside No.4 Mill Lane. Could this be checked by the Council to see if it is sound? It also looks to be top heavy. We are still also waiting to hear what is happening to the large beech tree on the green which was expected to be taken down this Spring before it came into leaf. Council to check re permission for the beech tree to be taken down as it has a preservation order.

– Post Box: Cathy Ayres had been asked by Valerie Dawson to ask for the laurel bush next to the post box to be trimmed back as she found it very difficult to reach. Josie to be asked if this could be done please.

– A seat on the green needs repairing, Stewart needs help to move the seat so he can do the repair.

Meeting closed 6.30pm