Reading Room Minutes – 7th March 2019

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes

Thursday 7th March 2019

Present: Committee Members: Kylie, Hilly, Jenni, Gillian and Stewart

Apologies: Mike

Working through items on the Agenda:

External Maintenance

The priority is the shed roof. Hilly has looked at Myers Leyburn for a tarpaulin to cover the shed. Jenni said that she had wooden latts that Stewart could take to fix the tarpaulin down. Volunteers needed to help with the work please.

Inside Maintenance

Pat Testing for electrical equipment will be done on 13th March at a cost of £34.80 – Hilly to attend.

Faulty equipment – the stereo appears to have played its final song! Hilly is willing to donate a new stereo – many thanks Hilly.

Central Heating – the boiler has not been working property for approx 12 months. The ignition switch does not appear to be working. P Clarkson looked at the boiler in August 2018 and promised to come back in one month to repair, unfortunately he did not come back. Subsequently the boiler is being operated using an override switch manually which does not always work resulting in the heating going off. Oil Force Richmond are coming out on Monday 11th to service/repair.

Update on boiler – Oil Force did the service/repair of boiler. They said that it was in a very bad state and that previous services/repairs had not been done adequately. It appears to be working fine now.

Treasurers Report

Jennie provided a statement of accounts covering July 2018 to date. She also advised that she had sourced a cheaper electricity supplier and that this year’s insurance cover is in place.

£125 was given to Jenni to bank – this money was raised by the ladies Friday Walking Group and also the Zumba class, which only started in November so we are pleased with the money raised.

Donation cheque to Yorkshire Air Ambulance was cashed on 16th October – no acknowledgement from them to date.


The Bingo afternoon with pie and peas organised by Hilly was a success, thanks to those that came along. We may do another one on an evening or perhaps a Beetle Drive in April or May? Hilly will ask around to see if there would be any interest.

Annual Village Meeting: 4th April 2019 at 6.30. All residents welcome to attend and raise any matters/concerns they may have.

AGM Meeting: 25th April 2019 at 6.30

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